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gamers connect 5

eSports Interactive Entertainment hosts Gamers Connect #5 at Chennai

Along with Nvidia, Zotac, WD and one of MSI India’s distributor ‘MRIG Technologies’, eSports Interactive Entertainment host the 5th Gamers Connect. This time it’s held at Chennai. Those who can attend can interact with representatives from these brands and get their questions answered!

gamers connect 5

And the ones who do join in will be winning something during its Q&A session which is then continued with some LAN gaming. For those who are interested, this meetup is held in Playerz Gaming Cafe, at Nungambakkam, Chennai. This is scheduled on Saturday, May 30th, 2015. You will need to first register by clicking here and RSVP here.

Meetups like Gamers connect help users to understand the newer stuff that are out there or will come in the future. It also helps brands to understand one of its user base. Seeing that this is the 5th meetup, it pretty much shows a very good potential. All it needs now is the attention and effort to understand the folks in Chennai.

Co-Incidentally, a pro audio headset (that I know of) distribution company held a Headphone Connect not too long ago in Mumbai. Meets like this also serve as an interest check so that companies can know what their buyers really want first hand- something that dealers don’t always accurately describe.

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