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Extreme overclockers push AMD FX 8350 to 8027 MHz

In one of Montreal’s biggest LAN party, a group of overclockers were able to reach their goal to reach over 8 GHz using AMD FX 8350.



This achievement was made on Day 2 of LAN ETS event where the enthusiasts were explaining the advantage of overclocking and even basics of Extreme overclocking, the importance of insulation and how to test hardware step-by-step to an audience of gamers, visitors and even volunteers.


At the end of the day, the overclockers- including Isaïe Trouffman Simonnet of Overclocking-TV was able to break the 8 GHz barrier on the FX 8350 and securing 16th best score on CPU in HWBOT rankings.

What’s very impressive and it should be noted that everything, from the preparation of the motherboard including insulation and overclocking in front of a live audience and making a sweet #16 ranking HWBOT for FX 8350 is awesome!!


Source: Overclocking-TV

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