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New form of non-volatile memory found that can store up to 1TB on a 200 square mm chip

A Californian-based startup ‘Crossbar, Inc.’ was recently showing off a new form of storage with a very high capacity and high performance non volatile memory which can store up to 1 TB of data in a chip smaller than a postage stamp which uses a monolithic CMOS controller and a memory array- Resistive RAM.

According to what the company has mentioned in their press release, the demo product that they have was made in a commercial fab plant and has over 30 patents for the RRAM.

The RRAM is divided into 3 layers: metal top electrode, a switching medium and a non-metal bottom electrode. Once the voltage is applied between the 2 electrodes, the filament is formed within the silicon-based switching material which therefore allows data to be stored in a simple cell structure.



Though the company didn’t when do they plan to roll this technology, but as of now the company is working to optimize it for SoC market. But this technology can also be used in consumer electronics, mobile phones, tablets, enterprise-class storage, SSDs, wearable computing devices and even for cloud computing.

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