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Futuremark updates PCMark 7 and Vantage for Win 8

Futuremark’s PCMark 7 is now updated to v1.4.0 and therefore fully compatible with Windows 8. However, Futuremark also specified that the new updates affects the scores unlike PCMark Vantage which also received v1.2.0. Therefore, if anyone is using the new update for PCM 7, do not compare it with the older runs.


Other than that, Futuremark specified that the new update enhances accuracy in video playback, adds the option of “raw” results for PCMark 7 storage will be there where the metric idle values would be excluded from the actual score calculation, have option to either enable or disable accelerated video transcoding and improved logging.

SystemInfo is also updated to 4.15 to make it compatible with Windows 8.

Speaking about PCMark Vantage, the company removed the trial version and kept the Basic Edition for free. The benchmark is made not to track application focus which would end the benchmarks, however Futuremark insists that using the system for another other task during benchmarking should be avoided as it will influence the benchmark score.

But the TV and Movies suite of the benchmark required MPEG2 DVD playback capability which is not yet available in Windows 8 by default and only way to fix it is to buy Windows 8 media center pack. If you don’t have it, the TV and Movies suite will be skipped with a score of 0.

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