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G Skill gets into the gaming headset business

Computex is probably one of the best times not just newer lineups, but also newer hardware for the company that they never made yet. Such is the case with G Skills who sent an invitation for Computex 2013, which specifically mentioned about the release of their first ever gaming headset.

G Skill didn’t give much information, but it did say that the gaming headset will come with ‘various industry-first features’. and its built to provide ‘enhanced competitiveness and unique gaming experience. But technical specifications are something that the company will release once they’ve made the debut during Computex.

Not much clue is given about this headset, but they did provide a teaser photo of the product.



  1. thats becoz theres no money to be made in flash nand business and too much dominating competition in ssd market, but foolish mistake to step into sound market as corsair, coolermaster, antec and many of these brands even rosewill is into it.

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