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17 GAMDIAS ARES Essential

GAMDIAS Ares GKC6000 Essential Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

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About the Ourea

I really love the Gamdias Ourea. Its a very well made optical mouse and I have no complaints. I would have appreciated some way to change or deactivate the Gamdias logo on both the keyboard and the mouse. The only LED you can adjust on the Ourea is the scroll wheel illumination but there are no multi-lighting effects as you would see in RGB filled products. That doesn’t matter for me. As for performance, this is a great mouse and the shape is comfortable for Palm users. Crawl grip users will have their palms resting on the mouse’s shell. Unless that is a problem, its suitable for such users.

About the Essential Keyboard

The Gamdias Ares essential keyboard’s experience is not favourable, but this is a very subjective opinion as I am used to the mechanical keyboard for a very long time. To be fair, I wouldn’t be able to adjust with Kalih switch based mechanical keyboards for a while if I do that now. The only switch types I prefer are the Cherry MX and the Outemu switches. More on that in the future product review. If you are used to mechanical keyboards, you will hate going back. Otherwise its a typical membrane keyboard with few Fn keys placed where you would like to place your wrists on.

Gamdias ARES GKC6000

I will recommend the Ourea as a standalone product- if you haven’t figured out by the tone of this write-up. The keyboard and as a combo is up to your preference. But even as a membrane user, you wouldn’t like those Fn key placements. But it does have the same multi-media controls like the TteSports Meka Pro- including the calculator, browser and mute switch. There are many Ares combos so the one you’re reading is the GKC 6000 combo. Will we see combos with mechanical keyboards? Who knows!

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