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17 GAMDIAS ARES Essential

GAMDIAS Ares GKC6000 Essential Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

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Disclosure: The Ares GKC6000 Essential gaming keyboard and mouse combo is provided by Gamdias.

About the Gamdias Ares…

Most of the combo reviews I’ve written so far is from Cooler Master. It started with Devastator, continued with Octane and then the Masterkeys Lite L which is better out of the three. Gamdias is making a lot of gaming keyboard and mouse combo dubbed as ‘Ares’ and this particular one is the GKC6000.

Packaging and Contents

The Gamdias Ares essential combo comes in a standard packaging. The keyboard is modelled as Ares GKB6000 while the mouse is the Ourea GMS5500 which is available as a standalone mouse. The combo does utilize Gamdias one-utility-fits-all Hera software.


  • Dimension(LxWxH) 477 x 185 x 29.5 mm
    Backlit 3 colours (R/Y/G) with 4 levels brightness
    Dimension(LxWxH) 470 x 170 x 37 mm
    Anti-Ghosting Yes, 19-key rollover
    Multimedia Keys 11
    Switch Lifecycle 10 Million
    WASD & Arrow keys Change YES
    Consecutive Attack Mode YES
    OTF Macro Record YES
    Windows Key Lock YES
    All-Keys Lock YES
    Cable Length 2m (Braided Cable with Gold-plated Connector)
    Graphical UI Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)
    Interface USB
    Model No. GKC6000
  • Tracking Method Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
    Dimension(LxWxH) 129 x 66 x 40 mm
    Keys 6 Keys
    Resolution up to 2500 DPI
    Polling Rate 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz
    Built-in Memory 64KB
    Weight System Yes (5g x4)
    Switch Lifecycle 10 Million
    USB Cable Length 2m (Gold-plated USB Connector)
    Graphical UI Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)
    Model No. GMS5500

Keyboard Impressions

The main highlight of the keyboard is the 19-key rollover support and the additional function keys F9 to F11. I am not sure why would Gamdias have some of the functions below the space bar, but it is not the first keyboard to have this. As you would expect, the ‘wrist rest’ would not be used except for the space between those keys. You cannot disable those alternate Fn keys- or to remap them as its function is tied together. There are alternate functions for the Fn keys very similar to what TteSports does for the Meka Pro mechanical keyboard. There is a dedicated switch for changing the LED lights swapping the WASD keys for arrow-only (and vice versa).

I am not sure why would anyone need to swap those functions- except maybe for racing games? But when you drive manual (usually Z and X for gear shift) you’ll end up manually remapping the in-game keys. There’s very little mentioned of the usefulness of the third key marketed as ‘consequective attack mode’ Gamdias does provide a couple of pre-attached Velcro straps and a dust cover for the USB port.

The keyboard has three LED colours and five brightness options for the most part of the keyboard- green, red and what should look like yellow is light green. The Gamdias logo and the lower Fn keys are yellow-only highlights. At the end of the day, it is a membrane keyboard, a common switch type for combos.

Keyboard Feet

The flip-off feet gives a decent angle to the keyboard’s height.

Cable routing action!

The underside has grooves to route cables through. This is excellent as you can route through at least two cables depending on your requirements. This is an excellent use of the underside area.

RGB Illumination

As said previously, this has three colour backlit action- two types of green and red. It glows from underneath the translucent rubber dome layer within the keyboard and further diffused by the keycaps. While this doesn’t create a bleed effect between the keys it highlights the keycaps.

There are brightness levels, but I don’t believe anyone would use it at a lower brightness level due to its way of diffusing the backlit from within.

Mouse Impressions

The Ourea is an optical mouse with five DPI levels- 400, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2500. Its polling rate goes up to 1000 Hz but by default, it is set at 500 Hz. You can change it using the Hera utility. The top section of the mouse feels smooth and it is an ambidextrous shell design. The left switch if pre-programmed a back button but the right needs to be manually set as the front if you desire- or else it’s a profile switch button. It takes some amount of time to get used to clicking buttons on either side for front/back action. The upper section of the side buttons sticks out while the lower section is shaped to align with the shape of the mouse. Unlike the previously reviewed Gamdias mouse, the weight distribution on the Ourea is preferable. It doesn’t end there.

Scroll Wheel Action!

You can feel subtle bumps on the scroll wheel but I would have liked to have more friction- like the mouse on the Masterkeys Pro Lite L kit. But its a bigger mouse and is more premium when you use it. I would recommend updating its firmware.

Adjustable Weight System

31 GAMDIAS ARES Essential

The Ourea has four removable 5g weights on it that you can set accordingly. This is brilliant! Where would you get this in a keyboard/mouse combo? The mouse feet are shaped nicely enough to have a smooth gliding on the X and Y axis. The X-axis gliding on the Masterkeys Lite’s mouse was decent, but the same cannot be said on the Y-axis. This isn’t the case with the Gamdias Ourea optical mouse.

The mouse also has a single velcro strap and a USB cap.

About the Ourea

I really love the Gamdias Ourea. Its a very well made optical mouse and I have no complaints. I would have appreciated some way to change or deactivate the Gamdias logo on both the keyboard and the mouse. The only LED you can adjust on the Ourea is the scroll wheel illumination but there are no multi-lighting effects as you would see in RGB filled products. That doesn’t matter for me. As for performance, this is a great mouse and the shape is comfortable for Palm users. Crawl grip users will have their palms resting on the mouse’s shell. Unless that is a problem, its suitable for such users.

About the Essential Keyboard

The Gamdias Ares essential keyboard’s experience is not favourable, but this is a very subjective opinion as I am used to the mechanical keyboard for a very long time. To be fair, I wouldn’t be able to adjust with Kalih switch based mechanical keyboards for a while if I do that now. The only switch types I prefer are the Cherry MX and the Outemu switches. More on that in the future product review. If you are used to mechanical keyboards, you will hate going back. Otherwise its a typical membrane keyboard with few Fn keys placed where you would like to place your wrists on.

Gamdias ARES GKC6000

I will recommend the Ourea as a standalone product- if you haven’t figured out by the tone of this write-up. The keyboard and as a combo is up to your preference. But even as a membrane user, you wouldn’t like those Fn key placements. But it does have the same multi-media controls like the TteSports Meka Pro- including the calculator, browser and mute switch. There are many Ares combos so the one you’re reading is the GKC 6000 combo. Will we see combos with mechanical keyboards? Who knows!

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