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Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Mouse Review

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Disclosure: The Zeus P1 RGB mouse is provided by Gamdias. This is the first Gamdias product that I am reviewing!

About the RGB Zeus…

Gamdias is a known name for peripheral devices. Its reputation is built during its recent years for mouse and keyboards. This is the Zeus P1 RGB mouse. Not just any RGB. Its ‘Dual level RGB’ with two strips of RGB accents on the mouse. Why have one when you can have two, right?

While aesthetics is taken care of, the quality and experience with the device will always be more important. Naturally, I am curious to know how good is Gamdias as the general consensus among many reviewers is favourable.

The Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB uses the Pixart PMW 3336 sensor capable of providing 12,000 DPI. This mouse weighs 125 gms. In comparison, CM Storm Mizar, a rubber side gripped laser mouse weighs 122 gms. Its shell design is smaller, while the Zeus P1 is noticeably larger. Based on CM Storm Mizar’s launch, a lot of people needed a mouse with some weight. It is more of a preference than a con. Unfortunately, some wouldn’t see it that way.

Packaging and Contents

Gamdias provides adequate information about the mouse- function of buttons, DPI level, textured grips, mouse design and its RGB accents.

Its contents are nothing more than the mouse and the instruction manual. The mouse is with a non-detachable sleeved cable with gold-plated USB ports. A Velcro strap is attached to the cable itself, handy enough to tie down excess cables.


Tracking Method Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
127.26 x 72.45 x 40.85 mm
Weight 125g
Keys 8 Keys
Resolution 1600/2400/5600/8200/10800/12000 DPI (Default 1600)
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Switch Lifecycle 20 Million
USB Cable Length 1.8m
Graphical UI Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)

Side grips and navigation switches

If not for the thumb grip, the design of the mouse feels ambidextrous. The mouse is lightweight, though it feels most of its weight is towards the right side. For me, it’s a bit difficult to get used to it or not to notice this weight offset. The mouse’s grip is comfortable for claw and palm grip. Both side grips have dotted texture rubber grip shaped to easily rest your thumb and pinky. This is a necessity for a mouse when lifting it from the surface frequently.

Palm Rest and Main keys

The other part you’ll notice is the LED strips running from one side to the other- one above the side navigation buttons and one towards the base. As you’d expect with a name as “Zeus P1 RGB”, you’ll have plenty of RGB effects to play around with.

Scroll Wheel, DPI switches and Base

The side and the DPI feel nicer to click on and doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic actuation. The left and the right click switch feels a bit stiff for three weeks. Scrolling at X-Axis and Y-Axis does not have any friction on a typical cloth-base mousepad.

The left side has navigation switches, while the top has the scroll wheel with click and DPI switches. There’s a gap between the DPI and scroll wheel with a rubber grip. The finish of the DPI switches is as you’d expect from a gloss plastic. What I like is the none of its ‘click’ feel cheap at all. The quality of the dpi switch and scroll wheel scroll wheel click is soft and the same as the side navigation switches. The left and right click feel very stiff until a good three weeks of use.

The Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB uses a 12,000 DPI optical sensor. There are three mouse feet.

RGB Illumination

The Zeus P1 RGB has few RGB effects- parallel wave, breathing, neon, circular wave and responsive fade-in. You can also set its brightness and speed setting. You can also set the logo brightness setting and lowest setting switches it off. Additionally, you can set custom patterns or select a single colour option.

Software Impressions

Gamdias has a software called Hera and it has multiple settings. Some are appreciated while others are good for some users.

The utility’s macro engine is very detailed where it allows you to set every macro setting, delays, mouse coordinates and other usual macro settings such as create, rename, duplicate, delete and locate the macro setting file in Windows explorer.

Mouse control allows the user to set its acceleration.

Mouse Luminance is self-explanatory. As said previously, the Hera utility allows full customization for its LED effects as well. The transition of colour effects is visible till the maximum speed setting of three. Anything above that makes it look seamless.

This might not be a feature useful for an FPS gamer, but I see that assigning a sound or on-screen timer would be useful for MOBA/MMORPG/RTS gamers.

The support tab provides all the information and allows you to install and update the mouse’s firmware.

Mouse Tracking

The Gamdias P1 RGB tracking is very smooth between 1600 DPI to 6200 DPI.

8200 DPI and 12000 DPI isn’t as bad, either.

User Experience

For its size, the Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB is a very lightweight mouse. Though it is subtle, there is a noticeable weight offset towards the right side. Some might be bothered by it, while some will take to get used to. Tracking is fine but I am glad to see side navigation buttons along with preconfigured DPI switches have a satisfactory tactile response. The side grips are well done. At first, I thought this mouse is made for those obsessed with RGB lighting. It is a generalization you can’t help making seeing that one of its key points is double-level RGB.

The final click!

While that’s the first impression such mouse makes, there are other retaining points. The actuation of all the keys and the quality of the shell is good and its macro setting is too detailed to keep some gamers happy. The shape of the casing makes it good for claw and palm mouse grip users. I am not a fan of paracord cables as many manufacturers have its cables very stiff. This has a good amount of flex so cable managing behind the PC system isn’t a problem.

It is not a bad choice for the cost though it would take some time for users to get used to it. The Hera utility has many manual settings and the layout is done rather well.

India US UK
INR 4,334 $49.99 £69.29
  • Shell Design
  • Optical Sensor
  • Good Tracking
  • Satisfactory tactile response from switches
  • Offset weight during lift-off could take time to get used to

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