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Gamer sued sony over Killzone’s full 1080p output claims

Sony Computer Entertainment advertised that Killzone: Shadow Fall supports 1080p HD however it was later proved that rather than running the game on 1920 x 1080, the game actually runs on 960 x 1080. Sony was using ‘temporal upscale’ which fills the empty space by using the pixels from the previous frame. The end result however is that many gamers pointed out the blurry issue which causes distraction.


Plaintiff Douglas Ladore is not amused just like many gamers, but took one step ahead by suing the company in California’s Northern District federal court. The lawsuits pointed out that SCE ensured 1080p gameplay for Killzone: Shadow Fall via advertisements and a ‘1080p HD video output’ logo behind the box, however its nothing more than resolution-fudging.

The papers also point out that,”Had Plaintiff known that Killzone’s multiplayer mode was not running at a graphics resolution of 1080p, he would have not have purchased Killzone at all, or would have paid substantially less for it”. Douglas also said on behalf of all Killzone users that the company should provide restitution in the form of disgorgement of all sales from Killzone: Shadowfall. He also seeks that “all economic, monetary, actual, consequential, statutory and compensatory damages caused by Defendant’s conduct, and if the conduct is proven to be willful, award Plaintiff and the Class exemplary damages.”

Whether this will turn it in his favour or not, but if it does it will be a wake up call for a lot of game studios who make claims about native resolution, only to find out that its being upscaled.

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