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lookalike garbage can sells more than Mac Pro

Mac Pro, though many seem to be doing “woo” and going ga-ga over it, seem to be a fail a lot of serious professionals who use Mac Pro for actual professional work. Suffice to say that Apple seem to have shot their foot when they introduced a form factor making it impossible for many types of professionals not to use the newer Mac Pro for their work, forcing them to consider the alternates.

But on the bright side, the newer Mac Pro has made an impact enough to make a Japanese garbage can a hot selling item in Japan.

Osaka, Japan based design company Ideaco made a garbage can called ‘New Tubelor’ which incidentally looks like the newer Mac Pro. Amazon Japan even made this humorous observation to push the sales of the garbage bin by jokingly tweeting that Ideaco’s can is not the new Mac Pro.


Buyers even made it more funnier by posting a review of this can…errr…”pro”:

(Disclaimer: Translated Japanese via Google translate)

You encounter the product you are convinced, “Oh, but without any big hit this mistake!” And the moment once every few years, I saw. New TUBELOR was just such a product. After the announcement last night in WWDC, and I have to buy it without being some standing can have. It is a box of trash for professional creators.

It does not employ course new generation of 12-core Xeon, a 1866MHz DDR3 memory operates as a long-awaited new spec. Moreover, it is not equipped with an external interface to speed up to twice the maximum 20Gbps the “Thunderbolt 2”. By you do not have dual with a business-friendly graphics card FirePro equipment, do not speed 2.5 times the graphics performance, it also does not support display connection of 4K resolution of up to three at the same graphics, but cover It has innovative features that will hide the plastic bag by the cover. The Internet, people who see through the head, not the eye things each are many. Really and rumors that make people who do not so much as touched the real thing, only comparison of specs sheet, Nante determine the value of the thing actually pretty idea is “out of it”.

Argue that “you were Jobs, it was not issued such a product” and talk Steve Jobs that, because was opposed to the trash can to during the life of their “Chance Jobs critic” but many, but the first place double It is not related to the triple Jobs.

Became a big topic in today’s announcement, a completely new design. There is also a voice to criticism that it is a pot urn, but I feel does not interfere with the sensitivity of the professional artist, it’s sleek design with high hospitality this unit. It has been awarded the 2008 German iF Good Design Award winning product design department, but regardless of such a thing, the cutting is there even sensual.

This product would not be an exaggeration to say “re-invented the trash”. And “magic” only one that New TUBELOR-made. It’s magic “garbage is discarded intuitive” and. For example, as you chewed the nose, How do them to tissue paper remaining in the hand. This is a question that so far have plagued many desk worker. But I can If you put aside the desk in New TUBELOR, to process the tissue paper in the operation which does not need manual “rounding the tissue paper, throw in the trash” and. New TUBELOR Trash of professional creators for exactly. (Although you go to the treatment plant as it is) plump to swallow the idea of all that was written on scratch paper. New TUBELOR is all that you can in the trash. I have small and not omitted anything.

The Overall, this product is trash bar none.


On a serious….errr…note, one cannot help buy wonder if Ideaco will be interested to sue Apple for a change who may have stolen their design in the first place! Hey, you’ll never know!

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