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Next Generation Kinect for Windows coming next year

Microsoft was talking about their Xbox One’s next generation Kinect sensor, and that it will be available for Windows by next year. Microsoft will also be deploying new software development kit (SDK) along with it .

According to Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows Director Bob Heddle, this will be bring opportunities for revolutionizing the gaming and entertainment experience on the PCs. The company said that the precision and the responsiveness of the new gen sensor will get to further develop voice and gesture controls on computers powered with Microsoft’s operating systems.

Microsoft said that the newer Kinect Sensor will include Higher fidelity, more field of view, improved skeletal tracking and the new active infrared sensor which will work in any lighting condition which will enable developers and designers to use there implementations to bring more experience in their apps.


The new sensor is said to include HD color camera and better noise-isolating multi-microphone array which can recognize natural speaking voices even in crowded rooms. Just like Xbox One, Microsoft will utilize Time-of-Flight technology.


The newer sensor can track more points on the human body compared to the previous generation, such as the tip of the hand and even thumbs. This will help to have more accurate skeletal tracking so that one can develop apps maybe for fitness or for some other activities where users can participate completely.

The exact implementation is something up to the developers, but it should be interesting to see how this shapes in the future after the developers their hands on the SDK.

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