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Gigabyte reveals WindForce 450W cooling system For Nvidia GTX 680 And Titan GPUs (for now)


During Gigabyte’s New Idea Tech Tour, the company was showing out their WindForce 450 W Cooler primarily made for non reference cards. It was mounted on Nvidia’s GTX Titan and GTX 680, & as the cooler suggests, the TDP is 450 W.


It unclear when or if WindForce 450 W will be available on retail with Gigabyte graphic cards, but looking at the claims they make, its pretty impressive when it comes to noise while running on load.


Gigabyte’s WindForce 450 W is a triple slot graphics cooler with dual aluminum fin stack, 3x 10 mm copper heatpipes and cooled by 3x 80mm fan. Although the different between a standard cooler and WindForce 450 W is 2 degrees Celsius while running on an unspecified FurMark benchmark, it should be noted that it was 28.3 dB quieter than its traditional cooler.

Gigabyte didn’t seem to show anything with GTX Titan, except they said that “it works to provide higher GPU Boost frequencies or helps sustain set frequency offsets better.”

But it should be noted that Nvidia prohibited its GPU manufacturing partners from using their custom coolers on the GTX Titan, but since Gigabyte has made a presentation of this cooler with WindForce 450 W, chances are there that Nvidia would be removing that clause eventually and hopefully. Its not clear if any of the AMD Radeon cards will be having this cooler, but looking at the trend most GPU manufacturers follow, it shouldn’t be surprising, assuming Gigabyte goes ahead with this.

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