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22 GBT XTC700

Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming XTC700 CPU Air Cooler Review

  1. About the Gigabyte XCF700…
  2. Design Overview
  3. Installation Process and Motherboard Clearance
  4. How its tested??
  5. Temperature Readouts and Observations
  6. Thermal Paste Spread and Conclusion
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Thermal Paste Spread

Coming to the end…

The mounting system needs to be fixed. I always preferred bolt-through mounting method but this is not how it should be. An aftermarket CPU coolers are made for PC users with variable experience and hence it should be user-friendly. I installed a CM Nepton 240M on a friend’s system a couple of years ago (and dismantled recently), and the only two complaints was the frustration to install two tiny screws through the block mount to hold the brackets and the time wasted to put threaded mounts around the LGA socket. But that was still better as the spacer supported the brackets and an accessible area around the liquid block. Similar case with CPU coolers such as the entire Noctua lineup.

The mounting plate has only one screw mount on either side. Even the G-Power II Pro uses two screw mounts per side to hold down the mounting plate.

The brief history of spacers and spring-loaded screws

The only scenario where similar installation method was easy is with Thermaltake Big Typhoon, my first aftermarket CPU air cooler. The top of the heatbase has supports to hold the mounting bracket properly, and it used small threaded bolts instead of spring-loaded screws. There was enough space between the heatsink and the PCB to tighten it and not deal with the tension that springs usually give during installation. There’s also the inability to remove fans before installation without messing with the top cap. The cap is simply for RGB effects while daisy-chaining two of those fans is redundant.

There are better options out there. Yes, it may mean to choose non-RGB top cap CPU cooler, but at least you should consider that will give adequate cooling and easy to install and uninstall bolt-through system.

Options out there?

We should be seeing newer CPU versions as AM4 is released. So far what I’ve tested Noctua NH-U12S and NH-U14S are the best CPU air coolers you can get. There’s always the commonly picked up Cooler Master Hyper 212x. Easy installation, good fans and easy to maintain. But how much does the Gigabyte XTC700 CPU cooler cost? It’s not listed at any online retail websites for some strange reason. Internationally, this was revealed in December 2016 but no indication of its pricing. But I was already told I can go ahead and publish this review as its embargo was listed on the 1st.

Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming XTC700 CPU Air Cooler Review from hardware

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