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The GMMK modular mechanical keyboard

Glorious PC Gaming Race Modular Mechanical Keyboard Review

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My experience with the Gateron Browns…

When typing on GMMK-TKL keyboard, the Gateron brown’s tactile actuation is more rigid and superior, yet it has that smooth feeling during downforce actuation. I wouldn’t say this if I did not have Cherry MX brown switch keyboard with me- The Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L. An excellent opportunity!!

“Listen to the song, the song of my people!”

However, they do make a good amount of sound during actuation only to TVSe Bharat Gold Cherry MX Blue switch based mechanical keyboard.

The transition from Cherry MX brown and Gateron browns feel like an upgrade especially when you’re working on a keyboard a lot. Typists would feel the difference and will welcome the difference with no learning curve it gets comfortable with it. I am very curious about its lifespan and will be using it as a daily driver.

The value of a tenkeyless…

The GMMK TKL provides a solution to those who want to try new switches from time to time and simply can swap it with this. The keyboard does have a good build quality and doesn’t flex during normal use with pop-out feet. It has the ability to detach the USB, Cherry MX stems for compatibility with wide range of aftermarket keycaps, media and RGB controls- the mainstream features everybody expects.

Both the pre-built tenkeyless and full-size Gateron brown version costs $109.95 US. While its an expensive option for a tenkeyless, the reason is with this variant having a detachable USB cable. The pricing at Amazon has a standard pricing for both. It is expensive to purchase via Amazon US, so consider purchasing from the site directly.

Is it a good buy?

Yes, provided you don’t need macro keys or dedicated multimedia keys. If you would like to try different compatible swappable mechanical switches, the GMMK-TKL mechanical keyboard will tempt you. The built quality is excellent while keeping the keyboard light even compared to HyperX Alloy FPS Pro.  At the time of writing, the Glorious PC Gaming Race is selling the prebuilt GMMK modular keyboard in tenkeyless and full-size variants with Gateron brown switches for 109.95 USD. As of now, Cherry, Kailih and Gateron make compatible 3-pin plate mountable SMD-LED compatible switches.

India US UK
 NA $124.99 £172.57

  • Excellent built quality
  • Lightweight
  • Floating keycap design
  • Freedom to swap switches made by various brands
  • Prebuilt units with Gateron brown mechanical switches
  • Freedom to customize your mechanical keyboard with switches/keycaps
  • Price between the prebuilt tenkeyless and pre-built full size is the same
  • Fn keycaps such as media and RGB controls are pad printed
The USB cable on the full-size GMMK modular keyboard is non-detachable.

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