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GTX 650 Ti may perform better than HD 7790

Nvidia seemed to have decided to wake itself up after taking a look at what the upcoming Radeon 7790 can do. Looking at the graphics card’s performance and the low price tag of £118, Nvidia decided to work on a revised version of GTX 650 Ti to compete with Bonaire architecture powered entry-level GPU from AMD Radeon.

According to Toms’ Hardware, the revised card would be using 768 CUDA cores, 5.4 GHz memory and 1280-bit memory bus.The PCB and the card’s dimensions could be the same, but the card will have its default clock speed to be bumped up.

Nvidia’s newly revised card is expected to be released during Late March/April with the hopes that it can nail Radeon HD 7790 just in time. However, the report also suggests that there’s no guarantee of the accuracy of the report.

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