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Haswell Motherboards may cost more than than Ivy Bridge MBs

There is a price comparison between ASROCK Haswell and Ivy Bridge motherboards through Z, H and B suffix which indicates a premium with Haswell chips. According to the price list, it shows that in average there has been an increase of about 16.7% when compared with the Chipset Counterparts for 1150 Ivy Bridge processors.


Even when compared to same editions of the motherboard series, you can see that the price quotes are higher than the current offering. A motherboard such as Z87M Pro4 shows a significant 31.1% higher cost in comparison with the Z77 Extreme 4-M counterpart. Even motherboard with B85 chips shows as high as 21% to as low as 10.5% more than B75 counterparts.


Although it is more of a speculation as of now, by next month Haswell will be launched and hence we’ll know the features and offerings by the manufacturers. Only time will tell if Haswell will be worth the investment.

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