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Haswell Notebook Processors will improve battery life by 50%

Intel ‘s 4th generation core series Haswell processors are designed keeping notebook and tablets in mind, as said by the company’s architecture group Vice President Rani Borkar during the press conference.

He said that the new chip will ensure better life of up to 50% during normal use, and that Haswell powered notebooks and tablets can last up to 20x more than Ivy Bridge counterparts in standby and idle. Its also been assured by Intel that despite the new architecture was made to significantly reduce the power consumption, the system’s performance is not sacrificed. So, you should able to see notebooks and ultrabooks having a jump from 7-8 hours of advertised battery life to up to 11-to-12 hours battery life range.
For those who haven’t been following up on the latest updates, Haswell processors have newer low-power states, followed by integrated voltage regulator and faster interconnect, even on desktop processor lineups.

Whether or not this will reflect at the end product is a different part of the story as other components consume power and depending on the component used (such as HD displays, mechanical hard drives, etc. ) and if manufacturers build a system to ensure that the power saving feature from Intel’s Haswell doesn’t go to waste on an end product.


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