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Havit HV-MS764 Vertical Grip Ergonomic Mouse Review

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About ergonomic mouse designs

The grip area of the mouse has a soft feel to it, with the main buttons and scroll wheel towards the right and the forward/back buttons towards the left where you’ll rest your thumb. While the concept of grabbing a somewhat vertical mouse might be alien to most users, The function is the same. Due to the design, its meant for right-handed users.

Mouse Design

A majority of the users will not be familiar such a design for a mouse. It doesn’t really need a learning curve, aside from getting used to the almost-vertical grip. Left, right and the scroll wheel will use the same set of fingers and front/back button is beside the thumb rest. There is an additional attachment where you can rest your wrist on. Personally, I would rather have a larger than standard mousepad if I need some comfort for that part of the hand. When you rest your wrists over the detachable wrist rest, it creates a friction against the hard surface mousepad (Such as the Thermaltake Draconem RGB mousepad).

I am not a fan of glossy plastic in anything. You’ll find that in the mid-section of the mouse which serves no purpose other than covering up the rest of the shell.

You’ll see two switches at its base. The mouse is curved giving that sliding smoothness towards the front and the sides, with a smaller foot towards the rear. The detachable wrist rest has larger mouse feet and smaller feet towards its side since you would be resting your wrist on it.

Mouse feet and Grip

The Havit HV-MS764 is a comfortable mouse to hold and use. It provides a large enough grip, with a height of 4-inch The click switches protrudes outwards unlike the standard mouse design. It is probably done to make users aware of the switches and also give a good confidence for its actuation. Compared to many mice, the scroll wheel is well made. It doesn’t feel cheap and tacky, with a rubberized coating on it.

Grabbing the mouse could be compared to holding a beer bottle. In the picture, the wrist is raised upwards since I take photographs on the floor. But usually, it rests on the mat. Pressing the forward/back button feels nice as you just have to nudge the switches with your thumb.

RGB Illumination

Who would have thought to have RGB in an ergonomic mouse?

Obviously, it is for aesthetics. Most review websites (includes ours) usually don’t really talk about illumination unless comes in the way of its basic function. For the price of this mouse and due to the shape around the border, the RGB lighting does make it look attractive.

If you have an RGB…everything, you can proudly say disco is back from the dead! You can kill the disco again on this mouse by using the switch at its base.

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