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Havit HV-MS764 Vertical Grip Ergonomic Mouse Review

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My Experience with the HV-MS764…

For everyday general use, this mouse is great. The important part of this is that my wrist feels relieved. Except the friction caused by the removable wrist rest, the movements and actuation of the buttons feel natural. I needed more time getting used to specific workloads such as using my mouse in Adobe Lightroom or for any editing work requiring a mouse. Gaming isn’t the strong suit as most of the weight is towards the base, thus making it a bit awkward whenever you lift it and place it at the centre of the mousepad.

You do feel the discomfort when you switch back to a conventional mouse. It is then you realize most of these ‘ergonomic gaming mouse’ are not ergonomic at all. But using a vertical ergonomic mouse is difficult/impractical in some workflows and gaming. Maybe it’s far-fetched, but it would be interesting to see a mouse where you can tilt the grip somewhere between the horizontal and vertical grip.

Comfort is good! Pain is not!

Overall, the Havit HV-MS764 is a great mouse for everyday work if you have frequent wrist pains. The vertical grip does indeed feel natural and more comfortable to use. For the price you pay for it, you can’t really complain unless you look beyond its primary purpose. Most home PC owners, even gamers, will use their PC not just for gaming. Therefore, It is impractical for many to have two different mice for two different purposes. But I am more open towards that option- and there is a wireless version from Havit.

I have no problems recommending this mouse for its intended purpose.

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$ 27.99

  • Vertical grip ergonomic design
  • Ease of use
  • Responsive switches with protruding keys
  • Soft feel Grip
  • Hard to use in certain workload that requires cursor accuracy, gaming

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