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R9 295X2

AMD dual core ‘Hawaii’ GPU named as R9 295X2

AMD Radeon’s upcoming flagship card is confirmed to run 2x 28nm Hawaii GPUs. The story began when pictures of reviewers of certain websites popping up, which encourage a Dutch tech publication to do some research. According to their findings, AMD plans to name this card as AMD Radeon R9 295X2.

What’s also known that both of these cores will have lesser than 1000MHz core clock speed. It was also pointed that AMD would be using a hybrid combination of air and liquid cooling for the graphics card. The heatsinks with active airflow for the memory, VRM and other components, while the GPU core will feature a couple of liquid cooling blocks.

R9 295X2

Judging by the way the information is given, the overall cooling setup for the graphics card shouldn’t be any different than Asus’ ARES II graphic card. As of now, its known that at least two of AMD’s AIB partners will be producing the reference version of the R9-295X2.

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