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Headset that uses electrical pulses to ‘overclock’ gamer’s brains?

A legit device or a marketing hocus-pocus, you device, but this is something you would get a good kick out of! Foc.us claims that they have a technology that can improve one’s physiology by pushing limitations. This technology is called tDCS headset, short for Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation, as it suggests, it uses current.

But what’s more fascinating to see is that its designed specifically for gamers as it ‘overclocks’ gamer’s brains. According to them, it will help to improve reaction time, resulting in faster firing of opponents and maybe even figuring out puzzles. Foc.us says that users will get ‘an edge’ during online gaming.

The headset uses 4 electrodes and its powered by a battery. The electrodes are placed over your eyebrows and will be stimulate the prefrontal cortex with painless electric currents. There’s a setting for games which provides 1mA current for 5 minutes. The timespan can be adjusted for up to 40 minutes and current can be set between 0.8mA to 2.0mA.


This uses Bluetooth 4.0 and can be controlled only with iOS devices. It cannot be made to support with Android device as according to the company it lacks the necessary Bluetooth low energy apis. But luckily the headset will have on-device manual controls. Call me paranoid, but if a device like such is specifically designed for gamers, somewhere or the other it implies that gamer’s brains don’t have enough stimulus. But like I said, you can call paranoid for that!


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  1. like many things made for gamers, this is gimmicky for those who will easily fall for it, because #YOLO and #SWAG

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