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hk capital leak gtx 1060

HK Market conveniently leaks GTX 1060

Why should Chinese leakers should have all the fun??

While everyone’s eyes are on AMD RX 480’s launch date, Hong Kong Capital market showed off Nvidia’s GeForce GTx 1060.

As you can see, the reference cooler’s design is different from that in GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. While its hard to make a guess at this angle, the graphic card’s width should be lesser. As of now, there is no other information available yet.

Earlier, it was assumed that either Nvidia will decrease the cost of GTX 1070 when AMD launches RX 480- or introduce GTX 1060 depending on RX’s performance. The HK capital market wasn’t too kind enough to mention the price tag for it. According to shipment records, the GTX 1060 has a 256-bit memory bus and possibly GP-106.

hk capital leak gtx 1060

To be fair, nothing can be taken with a pinch of salt with pre-production samples shipped to or from the country. There are two variants of the GP106 cards:

  • PG410 A00 SKU0020 GP 106 256B 256MX32 DP+ COMPUTER GRAPHICS CARDS, 699-1G410-0020-000
  • PG410-A01 SKU0020 GP106 192B 128MX32 DP+ COMPUTER GRAPHICS CARDS, 699-1G410-0020-100

Judging by the import date, one can assume that both variants will be available in the market. Either one of them will be chosen as the final variant. You could speculate that one of them could be a GTX 1060 Ti. Interesting things happen when the other competition wakes up.

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