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Horrific tale of an exploding power supply

Well, it is not surprising that a substandard power supply blew up during usage, however, the extent of damage is something that it doesn’t cease to amaze me- not to mention how lucky his son is. Such is a case with one of the readers of Register UK when Keith who lives in Germany with his 15-year-old son who was typing on the computer, doing his homework.

..and then the system’s power supply explodes.



Although the system was 10 years old, he installed a new power supply 10 months ago. You can see that the main capacity is damaged very badly, most likely the cause of an explosion, however, the extent of damage is extremely disturbing.

Luckily, despite disconnecting the system and tossing it out of the balcony and poured a bottle of water to put the fire out, the hard drive seems to work after doing the infamous oven trick.

I am sure he will buy a system with a good power supply- and hopefully, others take a wise lesson from this.

Source: Register UK

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