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Leap Motion Control to be bundled with HP products

Hewlett-Packaged (otherwise, HP) made an announcement that it joined hands with Startup Leap motion devices.

To those who don’t know, Leap Technology made a motion controller with a capability to precisely track movements from 10 fingers and its 200 times as sensitive as any motion control devices, like Microsoft’s Kinect. Seeing that touchpanel monitors carry a heavy premium, this product will catch a good trend. But Leap Technology has this is a part of a larger trend as they plan to include eye tracking and even thought control.

After Asus, HP  decided to have this controller with Windows 8 PCs. It is still not clear how much premium will this motion control device add upon existing HP PC units, but Andy Miller, Leap Motion’s President and COO assured that would add an insubstantial amount to any product.


He also added,”This announcement has been a year in the making. We spent a lot of time with these folks. They were really pro-active, and they thought the technology had a lot of promise early on when it was just the founders and few others. They’ve been working with us and testing.”

Via: Mashable

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