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1 HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout is a standard layout with a Numpad section. The additional function keys are media control, volume controls including mute, windows lock key, backlight brightness and effects toggle on the arrow keys. Some gaming keyboards out there have some of the strange fonts you get to see, enough to make some letters and number difficult to differentiate from each other.

Keyboard Design

This is the first floating keyboard design I got my hands on and its made a good impression. In comparison with the CM Masterkeys Pro L, the z-axis thickness (or the lack of it) makes it easier to type. The Z-axis height on the front (base to keycap) is 1 inch while with the CM is 1.2”. The minor z-axis height difference makes a little easier to type. Due to its design, it looks thinner and there adds to its aesthetics. It is also easier to clean. This is probably the only mechanical keyboard where I wouldn’t need anything close to a wrist rest.

Keyboard Risers

The retractable feet gives a height of 1.2” towards the top. The sides don’t give in to any flex and the only scenario the mid-section flex is if you exert an unreasonable amount of pressure on it. While typing, it should be a problem. It’s as strong as the CM Masterkeys Pro L.

Additional Features

From Left: USB Passthrough for Mobile Charging; Mini USB port

As the cable is removable, it lets you to easily replace it. Using the mini USB over micro USB port is the best decision. Though its not an issue with CM Masterkeys Pro L  But that’s because it has a special cut-out from underneath and has grooves for cable management. This simply connects from the outside. Next to it is a passthrough USB port but limited only for mobile charging. HyperX did not mention any technical specs for it.

Sleek and Compact for a full-size keyboard?

The top shell is aluminum while its base is plastic. The angled corners around the keyboard add a cleaner look to a compact keyboard design. HyperX wanted to provide a compact and sleek full keyboard solution with no exceptions to keycap, switch and build quality. The distance between the keys seemed closer than on the MPL though its measurements were the same.

Illumination Effect

The choice of a single backlight colour may not meet the requirements of some type of users, but the illumination is bright enough.

Keyboard Base

The keyboard feet has good enough grip on metal, granite and wooden surfaces. On deskpads, it stays in place as long as its not pushed away intentionally. The risers also have rubber grips.

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