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iDance Audio Earphones and Headphones Roundup

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iDance Audio isn’t a very well-known company, but they are exclusively into headphones.

Their headphone designs are a bit funky in appearance and anyone might mistake these as poser headphones – all looks zero substance.

However I was intrigued that they have so many different models but while many smaller headphone manufacturers basically share the same driver across their headphone lineup, the drivers used in each headphone in the iDance Audio lineup seemed quite different.

One model even came with dual drivers! Something rare even for top headphone brands like Sennheiser or Audio-Technica.

Another commendable feature is that most of their headphones and earphones come with a built-in mic. I have tested the mic on two phones and the mic works perfectly. (I was unable to test the headphones with an iPhone but the manufacturer states that all the headphones with mic are compatible with iPhones and iPads.)

The following headphones are on review –

EB-X104BlackRs. 1,799/-
EB-X202OrangeRs. 2,199/-
FREE 30YellowRs. 1,199/-
CRAZY 611Orange/BlackRs. 1,999/-
FUNKY 300OrangeRs. 4,299/-


  1. i doubt any company who uses models in bikinis to market their audio gear can afford to sell. not that i dont like it but it translates that a product is actually cheap and they’ll stoop to any level to sell one headphone or an earphone. they follow the marketing trick like how skullcandy, thermaltake or beats audio do it. limited resellers also raises suspicion.

  2. Thats true. Which is why I too was very apprehensive when I was asked to review such a brand.

    Honestly many Chinese OEMs are manufacturing some really decent quality headphone and earphone drivers and nowadays a headphone company can simply license any of these OEMs to make headphones based on their specifications.

    Sennheiser/Audio Technica/AKG and other top tier headphone manufacturers have offices located in Germany and a lot of their R&D and manufacturing is done in EU which increases their overheads substantially.

  3. Well, you Asians have that advantage when compared to the west. The equipments that are made in those region hits over there first and then it comes here with a slightly premium price with a different model mention on it. EU on the other hand need to comply with the laws and standard set by EU so its only practical that certain companies have offices over there, but due to certain higher cost of living, RnD is expensive so those units from Audio Technica not only will be priced high but they need to make sure the price is justified and comply with the continent’s trade laws so…

    i think you’ve mentioned it somewhere that you thought of not reviewing these because they cost less (but you haven’t mentioned the prices of those units anywhere) but they cost less because they’re made in Asia Pacific and probably mass manufactured in China. Earphones like these, question arrives how long to they last!

    the point is that no1 looks at the brand seriously if its portrayed that way with skinny models who happen to have boobs wrapped with a handkerchief. now you see gaming manufacturers doing the same so it shows that they just produce stuff like how beats audio does it and then waste the good part of money to put some hip hop rap musician’s endorsement on it. manufacturers need to be a little more serious rather than going down in such level. endorsements by rappers and what-not sounds way more better, provided the product doesn’t suck that bad and its not ridiculously priced. they need to learn a thing or 2 from the speaker manufacturers.

  4. Apologies about the lack of pricing. That was an oversight on my part which has been rectified.

    Actually stuff made in China need not necessarily be bad. Apple makes their Iphones in China and no matter what people say about Iphones, the fact is that they really really last long.

    The build quality of these headphones are about as good or bad as anything Sennheiser or Audio Technica have in this price range.

    But yes the bikini models and senseless musician endorsements are quite ridiculous IMO. They damage the brand more than attracting new customers.

  5. what do u mean by “less warm”? ya think that the eartips should be oval shaped like how apple has for their phones and not perfect circle?

  6. Ah, sorry about the audio lingo. Its very difficult to describe nuances in sound otherwise.

    One definition of ‘warm’ is “Good bass, adequate low frequencies, adequate fundamentals relative to
    harmonics. Not thin. Also excessive bass or mid bass. Also, pleasantly
    spacious, with adequate reverberation at low frequencies. Warm highs means sweet highs.”

    If I attempt to simplify that definition, basically earphones or headphones with prominent bass, a boosted midrange and a reduced or neutral treble will generally sound warm (Think of Trumpets and Saxophones). As opposed, if a headphone has boosted treble, a reduced midrange and less bass will sound ‘cold’. Since most gaming headphones have a lot of bass, you will rarely hear any ‘cold’ headphones but a few music headphones do have that type of frequency response.

    Now audio is all about subjectivity. I am always comparing sound with a reference.

    In the above review there were only 2 earphones and hence the reference was the other earphone. So when I said that the EB-X202 was ‘less warm’ than the EB-X104 that meant the EB-X104 has a warm sound but the EB-X202 sounds more neutral and has a flatter mid range and lower mid range frequency.

    About the eartips I really can’t help you there. My ears are a bit oddly shaped and fit is very different with different earphones.

    So the same tips which work perfectly in earphone A suddenly refuse to sit in my ears with earphone B.

    I generally prefer the oval shaped eartips.

  7. What about Idance disco headphones !! Are they worth buying for 2100(mrp-5600) and surpass the quality of sony and jbl ??

  8. I haven’t heard of the Idance disco model. For 2100 there aren’t many good headphones available anyway though.

    However Sony and JBL headphones are available for demo in most cities. You can listen to those and see if they sound good to you.

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