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Info about AMD Catalyst Omega driver Update conveniently leaked

AMD is working on AMD Catalyst Omega Catalyst driver which comes with the promise to boost 29% with APUs in comparison with its existing driver- Catalyst 14.11.12. Information came out prematurely, but it gives a basic idea on what they’re planning to implement, at least on paper.

This is interesting, and one will have to wonder how would AMD Radeon’s flagship cards with the Omega drivers will stand against Nvidia GeForce GTX 980. AMD has its own downsampling feature which works the same way AMD’s DSR does which results in better anti-aliasing. Considering a part of the crowd uses 1080p panel and anything more commands a premium depending on where you’re living, this provides some justification for the money paid for a high-end GPU.

Then again, the only way to know if the claims are right and wrong only when it’s tested and compared with GTX 980. 29% boost in comparison with its existing driver is a HUGE number.

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