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Intel Broadwell-E details conveniently leaked

Earlier, it was mentioned that Intel has a 14nm based Broadwell-e to succeed the 22nm Haswell-E HEDT processors. Now it is known that there are four Broadwell-E SKUs.


According to the information leak, Broadwell-e SKUs has 140w TDP, and will be using LGA 2011v3 sockets. Most likely this would require existing users to update their X99 motherboard’s BIOS, should they feel the need to upgrade from Haswell-E to Broadwell-E. According to the overview above, it wouldn’t require another exclusive chipset so the ones who need can make a simply swap with their existing Intel X99 setups. Broadwell-E HEDT CPUs provide up to 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes, which will give full x16 support to two PCIe x16 slots.

If folks can recall the not-so-old chain of events, the mainstream Broadwell processors weren’t in the news around at the launch of launch, nor it was considered as a mainstream choice by the masses due to a shadow created by the 6th generation Intel Skylake’s launch. Would this be the same case when Skylake-E HEDT launches? Who knows! One shouldn’t ignore that AMD is also working on its Zen lineups, reinvigorating the FX series after a very long gap. AMD is also working on a 32 and 16-core high-end processor lineups, so it should be interesting. Will be it be as good or better than the Intel’s mainstream Skylake and/or Broadwell-E’s offering? Time will tell!

Broadwell-e HEDT SKUs Lineup

SKU Core/ Logical Core Cache Base/Turbo
i7 6800K 6/ 12 15MB L3 3.4 GHz/ 3.6 GHz
i7 6850K 6/ 12 15MB L3 3.6 GHz/ 3.8 GHz
i7 6900K 8/ 16 20MB L3 3.2 GHz/ 3.7 GHz
i7 6950X 10/ 20 25MB L3 3.0 GHz/ 3.5 GHz

Based on the table above, the Broadwell-E flagship is a mighty i7-6950X with 10 core 20 thread processor with 3 GHz base clock with a very large 25 MB L3 cache and uses DDR4 memory up to 2400MHz. That’s a lot of cores compared to the Haswell-e i7-5960X with 8 cores and six threads, with DDR4 support up to 2133MHz. The i7-6900K is with eight cores and 16 threads while the i7 6800K and I7 6850k are both with six cores twelve threads with varying base and turbo clock speed.

The question now remains- how many applications will even reap the benefit  of such processors to begin with?

It is assumed that the Broadwell-e HEDT processor lineup will start to be priced from $1,000 and would be launched during Computex 2016.

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