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Intel Core i3-8350K Coffee Lake Desktop CPU Review

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The Intel Core i3-8350K: Why does it exist?

At this price point with no lower cost(Intel B and H series) overclocking enabled chipset, it does not make sense. Still, Intel rolled out with it. If you’re stepping ahead of the Core i3-8350K- a four-core four-thread CPUs, there’s the six-core-six-thread Core i5-8400 with Turbo enabled. Both have UHD-630 on-chip graphics. The more natural choice for many users would be the Ryzen 5 1600, a six-core 12-thread CPU. I am aware its launch price was the same as the Core i3-7350K, but Intel did not have a real competition back then. Still, it would make sense to pick the Core i5 variant at the time.

I don’t have a problem for this CPU to exist because it needs to fill that gap to provide base model quad-core CPU with a newer architecture. Having a quad-core Core i3 brings it up-to-date for the current times especially for the general/non-gaming system users. The pricing is less desirable, non-Turbo doesn’t make sense and an unlocked CPU when only Z chipset to have the ability to overclock does not help it at all. $50 cheaper, non-K but with Turbo enabled may have looked sweet if you only looked at Intel’s offerings. The Core i3-8350K’s performance is comparable to the older Core i5-7600K. Strange little CPU. Good story!

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