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Intel Core i7 8700k cpu shot

Intel Core i7 8700K Coffee Lake Desktop Processor Review

  1. Ryze-n-shine in front of a lake view and a cup of coffee!!…
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  6. Overclocking Performance Analysis
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  8. Discrete GPU Performance Analysis
  9. Turbo Clock Speed Analysis
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What to take from Core i7 8700K?

That power draw with the 5 GHz overclock + overclock preset RX 580 8G is brilliant! I used the preset which pulled 1.30v for the 5.0 GHz. I am sure this can do better since its an ES chip, but I wanted to see how it will perform with the usual overvolted presets.

I’ll admit my conclusions would be more on the spot if AMD India was willing to work. Alas, here we are!

Intel is still rocking single-threaded performance. AMD Ryzen 7 series has a good advantage in the multi-threaded performance benchmarks compared to the i7 8700K. What I absolutely love about the Core i7 8700K is the overclocking potential, the significant bump in Turbo for stock clocks which stays at its peak clock during load efficiently (depending on the temperature and load, of course) and the power consumption compared to the much older generations.

Claiming those are small changes in the power delivery is an understatement. Then there is the silicon lottery factor- irrespective of what you buy if you get the one who the big 5.0 GHz on air. You can’t help but fall in love with the Intel i7 8700K if you are a long time enthusiast who’s been regularly using Intel CPUs for a long time. Then again it still cannot overshadow  R7 1700X and R7 1800X due to its multi-threaded performance advantage.

To delid or not to delid?

When you see a lot of YouTube videos about the Coffee Lake CPUs, you see a lot of them delidding it. That should be a concern for Intel because that’s become a common practice. You get tools to easily open them and even instructions to reseal them. Most swap them out the thermal paste for a better one or even liquid metal. Maybe Intel should explore the option to easily unclip the IHS without voiding the warranty. They had a good chance with the Coffee Lake series. Who else would buy the unlocked series SKUs? Let’s not forget Intel made a very bad impression where it recommended not-very-old used Core i7 7700K users not to overclock it. The DDR4 performance is also great compared to other platforms, but Core i5 is the four core four thread comparison so it is not a direct comparison.

Ryzen shine and smell the coffee!

Talking about eight core Intel Coffee Lake is useless. It is going to come with a new Intel Z390 chipsets so you have to doubt its compatibility with Z370. Same for Ryzen 2. But if these people are at each other’s throats then we should see a good amount of competition and option every once in eight to twelve months.

If the Core i5 series is good enough to give a tough battle to Ryzen 5, that would be something to watch. Of course, the motherboard and processor pricing at the time will play a role. One small advantage is if you have an LGA 115x compatible CPU cooler already which doesn’t have an AM4 bracket. That might be a lame reasoning but many CPU coolers are expensive even to date. Then again, so is the Core i7 8700K against the Ryzen 7 series. Then again, brackets are cheap!

Intel has Optane and Rapid Storage technology, apart from the power delivery. Also by the looks of it, all motherboards makers have a wide variety of Intel Z370 motherboards, even possibly more than what we have from AMD. Plus- on-chip graphics. No big deal for mid to high-end users, but hey if your graphics card goes bad you won’t be left hanging.

Great little chip which has a big cloud over it called Ryzen. It is a good morning to have some coffee!


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