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Intel i7 Broadwell-E CPU lineups to arrive by 2016


Intel wouldn’t be releasing its next-generation ‘Extreme’ line up processors with Broadwell-E until 2016. According to the report, the current-gen extreme processor Haswell-E’s successor will be out early 2016.

Originally, it was reported that the processor should be out by 2015. But according to sources, Intel just bumped into manufacturing issues. Though exact issues were not highlighted, it is speculated that the delay is most likely due to its 14nm silicon fabrication processor. These processors can be used with Intel X99 chipset motherboards after a BIOS update.

Other than the fabrication shrink, Intel would be ditching its plans for stifling base models of extreme series processors with 28-lane. Most likely, All the Broadwell-E processors will be featured with 40-lane PCIe. These chips will also have the TDP of 140w.

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