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Intel IGP-less Core i9-9900KF, i7-9700K and i5-9600KF pre-orders at B&H

The 9th gen’s IGP-snipped version

The Intel 9th generation, including its mainstream flagship Core i9-9900K, was under heavy fire by journalists, reviewers and others in respect to its botched benchmark reports. Now Intel quietly lists its non-integrated graphics processer version dubbed the Core i9-9900KF, Core i7-9700KF and the and the Core i5-9600KF. Each of the IGP version SKUs are the series’ top-end variants.

If Intel could have, they could have lowered the price of these CPUs. Instead, it made another SKUs without its integrated graphics. It makes a lot of sense as high-end performance system users are unlikely to use its on-chip graphics with rare exceptions such as for diagnostics purposes. But that is not the case with the pre-order price.

IGP-less SKUs purpose defeated?

It should allow Intel to sell its CPUs lesser cost- atleast on paper. But the pre-order price reflects potential price gouging even before it hits the shelf. It doesn’t paint a good effort by Intel especially when the Core-i9 9900KF, Core-i7-970KF, and the Core i5-9600KF costs $52.51, $42.51 and $49.76 more than its respective IGP variants. These are pre-order pricing and there are no clock variants, though at the time B&H only listed the Turbo clock speeds. Its very likely the other specifics will be no different than the IGP counterpart.

So… what’s the point???

For now, the pre-orders are available only at B&H, for now. Also, the release date is not mentioned. It shouldn’t be long since its listed in a trusted retailer’s website.

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