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Intel Kaby Lake CPUs incompatible with Z370 chipsets

Kaby Lake CPUs won’t work with Intel Z370 boards despite using the same LGA 1151 socket

Earlier it was found out that Intel 8th generation ‘Coffee Lake’ CPUs will not work with Intel 200 series desktop chipset motherboards. This limits the upcoming SKUs to new generation motherboards. But now it is said to be the same with Kaby Lake CPUs not functioning with Intel Z370 motherboards.

Both the Intel desktop CPUs and motherboard use LGA 1151 sockets. But still, for some reason, the older and upcoming generation SKUs and chipsets are not compatible with each other. This information came from a source who confirmed that Kaby Lake CPUs don’t POST with Intel Z370 motherboards.

A questionable move?

Intel has not yet addressed this news. It is also unclear if there would be some BIOS updates for Intel 200 and upcoming 300 series. This also brings a confusion over the 8th generation and Z370 chipset release as its Z390 launch will come with eight-core/16-thread mainstream CPUs by next year. This decision might be a poor judgment on Intel’s part as AMD Ryzen SKUs have been a preferred choice due to its variants, performance difference and a series of motherboards.

Intel Kaby Lake CPUs incompatible with Z370 chipsets from technology

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