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Intel provide rebadged A1018 laptop CPU to various Indian state government

Intel is eyeing on a tie-up which would let various state governments in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh to have about 4 Million laptops powered by tailor-made A1018 CPU with bundled education solution.

While its not clear if its a brand new/scaled down (or up) architecture, one couldn’t help, but think that maybe these processors could be nothing more than a rebadged processor with education software specifically made and bundled according to state government’s wishes. Considering that these competitive solutions are available and supplied only to state governments on laptops, and not even available via retail channels raises certain suspicion. Let’s admit it, irrespective of the manufacturer, majority of them have the more inferior of components in an end product with the hopes that will be cheap and attractive enough for those who don’t give much thought of its reliability unless they learn it the old fashion way.

B. Suryanarayan, Director of Sales in Intel South Asia pointed out that these portfolio of laptop processors and provide flexibility for manufacturers to build competitive solutions that would either meet or exceed performance requirements for education usages at various price points. It should be noted that no tech specifications were revealed, nor any clarity about the processor architecture family.

He added:

“The new processor, which will be manufactured at Intel’s factories in the US, will not be sold through retail channels and is not meant for retail customers. The US major will tie up with personal computer manufacturers to have this processor in-built with laptops to be supplied to State Governments only.”

Speaking of Tailor-made, it should be noted that laptops supplied by UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for students used to crash if anyone tried to change the wallpaper containing the photos of Akhilesh and his Father Mulayam Singh Yadav. These laptops were supplied by HP.

As of now, Lenovo, Acer, HP and HCL are some of the manufacturer who would be making laptops for government projects.

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  1. krishnanandu_Seth

    so intel india found a way to offload prescott processors surplus stock afterall…

  2. gr 8. another scam in the making

  3. Intel clearly mentioned that this was based on their latest manufacturing process technology ivy bridge, so there is no scam, or dumping of old technology.

  4. No news source pointed out that is based on Ivy bridge architecture, nor there are any paper specification/CPU-Z screenshot put up. Vague information+ saying that its ‘exclusive’ modelled notebook processor only for India with bundled software raises some questions. On top of it, Intel India didn’t send any press releases about it.

  5. Its targeted to the education market for big Govt tenders to meet the specific requirements. Not exactly a consumer product. http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/info-tech/intel-eyes-tie-up-with-pc-manufacturers-for-a-chip-of-government-deals/article4834306.ece.

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