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'Rock Canyon' Left; 'Maple Canyon' Right

Intel puts up pictures of next-gen Broadwell-based NUC 2.0

Intel posted pictures of its upcoming NUC 2.0 SFF systems. The NUC 2.0 are codenamed ‘Rock Canyon’ and ‘Maple Canyon’ are primarily made for consumers and commercial use. Both have variants using Broadwell i3 and i5 5000U processors. Interestingly, Intel also pointed out that the NUC motherboards can be purchased separately- therefore giving the end user the flexibility to choose a NUC chassis from other brands.

These Broadwell units are dual core based microprocessors which also utilizes either HD 5500 or 6000 graphics. The new units have DisplayPort, M.2 slot, use DDR3L SO-DIMM 2.5″ SATA bays, native Ethernet support and USB 3.0. The units also feature a yellow-coded USB 3.0 ports for charging devices when the NUCs are powered down.

The Rock Canyon has an onboard 802.11ac WIFI support as well, whereas Maple Canyon utilise Intel vPro instruction sets such as virtualization and better security implements required for commercial use.

Since these images are from Intel’s website, it should be safe to speculate that these might be showcased in CES 2015, and maybe even an immediate official launch.

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