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Intel to release more Haswell-Refresh CPUs by Q3 2014

Intel_Logo_PosterIntel seems to be releasing more Haswell-refresh CPUs, this time to fill the low-end CPU space. The newer CPUs will be available by Q3 2014, according to the news report. Pentium variants are based on dual-cores with 3MB Cache with a difference of 100MHz clock speed. These processors support feature sets such as Intel 64, VT-x and SIMD instructions, but it does not come with Hyper-Threading and Turbo. The i3 variants have 4MB L3 Cache with upgraded onboard graphic choice of either HD 4400 or HD 4600, supporting DDR3 chips to up to 1600MHz.

The newer models merely offer bumped clock speeds between these models. The specifications and model numbers were also revealed:

ModelCores /ThreadsFrequencyL3 cacheGraphicsMax GPU FrequencyMemoryTDP
Pentium G32502 / 23.2 GHz3 MBHD1100 MHzDDR3-133353W
Pentium G3250T2 / 22.8 GHz3 MBHD1100 MHzDDR3-133335W
Pentium G3450T2 / 22.9 GHz3 MBHD1100 MHzDDR3-160035W
Pentium G34602 / 23.5 GHz3 MBHD1100 MHzDDR3-160053W
Core i3-41602 / 43.6 GHz3 MBHD 44001150 MHzDDR3-160054W
Core i3-4160T2 / 43.1 GHz3 MBHD 44001150 MHzDDR3-160035W
Core i3-4360T2 / 43.2 GHz4 MBHD 46001150 MHzDDR3-160035W
Core i3-43702 / 43.8 GHz4 MBHD 46001150 MHzDDR3-160054W

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