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Intel Skylake-S ‘K’ desktop SKUs may not be bundled with a stock CPU cooler

A new report points out Intel will most likely not bundle its stock CPU cooler with its upcoming Skylake-S’ K series processor lineups. K series is long known to be unlocked processors which allow enthusiasts to fine-tune and increase the processor’s clock speed. As an optional solution to processor-only K series packaging, Intel may consider providing a closed-loop 120mm CPU liquid cooler as a separate package,  likely rated  for up to 130w TDP. The newer Skylake-S SKU will be using a new architecture and will be using a new socket LGA 1151.


One of the possible reasons is that the 14nm based Skylake will have a much higher TDP once the processor is overclocked. Since it’s obvious that K-series processors will be purchased by those who will overclock the processor, it’s also likely that the Intel stock CPU cooler will simply be lying around. Two of the SKUs are Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K. Both Skylake-S processors are expected to have a TDP of 95w, but would  rise up to 130W TDP once overclocked. Both processors are a quad core which brings DDR4 towards more mainstream-to-enthusiast users. The former is assumed to have a base clock of 4GHz and the latter to have 3.5GHz.

It is also reported by another source that Intel Skylake-S desktop processors will be using its Next-Generation Polymer Thermal Interface material just like with Haswell and its refresh variant ‘Devil’s Canyon’, along with the quietly released Broadwell processor lineup. The upcoming processors are expected to be released by August 5, 2015. Along with DDR4 support, it is said to feature 20 PCIe 3.0 , native Thunderbolt 3.0 and even support for DDR3. Its successor Cannonlake would have 10nm which may make its debut  next year.

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