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Intel’s ‘Broadwell-LP’ Thunderbolt Feature List Leaked

It was revealed that Intel is planning to bring some features on thunderbolt which is usually present in USB and Ethernet connectivity platforms, with the hopes that the new connectivity type will be adopted easily by the manufacturers and users.

Intel’s documents show a detailed explanation about their 2014 controller’s features. The controller will be able to charge devices and transfer files using straight connection. Thunderbolt’s peer-to-peer connections will allow transfers at 2x 10Gbps and allow printer sharing and internet connectivity. The chip will be in 8 x 8 package and connects using  PCIe 2 x2. The TDP of the chip is rated 1.5W with power delivery of up to 53W over tethered connection.

Though its hard to speculate or predict that this would encourage widespread adoption just enough to put it in the ranks of Ethernet or USB. The adoption of thunderbolt is slow because of strict validation policies and licensing barriers, according to the source.



There’s also the point that the cost of the cable simply would make one question if its worth it. This really wouldn’t be a replacement for Ethernet or USB, but it would be nice to know that the Thunderbolt can do what Ethernet and USB can do. More details should come up during CES 2014.

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