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Intel’s upcoming 9-Series chipset ‘Z97’ will not have SATAe

Recent reports have pointed out that Intel’s upcoming chipset platform in the 9-series family called ‘Z97’ for Haswell-E processors will not be featuring SATA express.

Earlier it was reported that SATA Express is a part of Serial ATA 3.2 spec which will be introducing new connectors which would support existing SATA and PCIe based SATA devices. But it was also pointed out that via 2x PCIe 3.0 lanes, it will provide a massive bandwidth boost of 16Gbps, a 10Gbps boost over the current SATA III bandwidth. The new specification will offer AHCI or NVM Express interface along with much larger connector. It was speculated that Intel’s upcoming flagship chipset would be providing native support for SATA Express.

According to the source, there was no clarification offered why the SATA Express would not be implemented on Z97 chipset, but it was being told that this will not delay the launch of the chipset. However, this would slow down the adoption and production of SATAe storage devices and SATAe enabled motherboards. Considering that the extra bandwidth will give a tremendous boost for storage drives, this is a very disappointing let down.


It should also be noted that chipset manufacturers taken their time to implement native support for USB 3.0, even at the time when few IC manufacturers made it possible for desktop and portable devices to use USB 3.0, followed by series of USB 3.0 storage devices rolling out one after the other.

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