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Core i7-4960X has a minor performance bump

Intel’s upcoming HEDT (High-End Desktop) processor Ivybridge E series was supposed to launch during Q3 2013, but then there was news that it has been delayed to Q4 2013 rollout date.

But what’s confirmed is that Ivy Bridge E will be using LGA 2011 socket and its compatible with the existing Intel X79 chip motherboards, but may require an updated BIOS. However, looking at few benchmarks put up by a Chinese site looks like one with the SandyBridge i7-3970X SandyBridge-E processor may not consider this as a worthy investment as the performance shows only 10% boost.

i7-4960X Edition Edition is said to come with the clock speed of 3.6GHz with Turbo boost of up to 4 GHz. It is a 6-core 12HT 15MB L3 Cache processor, specification similar to what i7-3970X has, but with 130w TDP, 20w lower than the SandyBridge-E counterpart.


The above screenshots are benchmarks done with SandyBridge-E i7 3970X processor. In Cinebench 11.5, the CPU makes a score of 10.15 points, followed by 1.41 points with a single core test.

In SuperPI, the 1M calculation test is completed after 10.905 seconds, 1 minute, 59.762 seconds with the 8M calculation and 9 minutes 55.453 seconds with a 32M superPI run.


3DMark Vantage generates a CPU score of 35804 and 3DMark 06 generates a CPU score of 8099, followed by wPrime run with 5.01 seconds to complete the 32M test and 149.167 seconds to complete the 1024M test.

With Ivy-Bridge E i7 4960X Edition on the stock:


The HEDT processor generates 10.94 points on CPU and Single score of 1.2 points on Cinbench 11.5

1006In SuperPI, 1M run is completed in 10.171 seconds, 8M run taken 1 minute, 54.597 seconds and the 32M run taken 9 minutes, 22.599 seconds to complete.


3DMark Vantage generates a CPU score of 38644, whereas 3DMark 06 gets  CPU score of 8586. Prime’s 32M test was completed in 4.601 seconds, followed by a 1024M test, which is completed in 139.169 seconds.

The following is the overall performance difference between the two processors.

Sandy-Bridge-E i7 3970X Ivy-Bridge E i7 4960X Edition Difference
CineBench 11.5 CPU 10.15 10.94 +0.79
CineBench 11.5 CPU (Single) 1.41 1.2 -0.21s
SuperPI 1M 10.905s 10.171s -0.734s
SuperPI 8M 1m 59.762s 1m 54.597s -5.165s
SuperPI 32M 9m 55.453s 9m 22.599s -32.854s
3DMark Vantage 35804 38644 +2840
3DMark 06 8099 8586 +487
wPrime 32M 5.01s 4.601s -0.409s
wPrime 1024M 149.167s 139.169s -9.998s

There is a difference if you performance with other factors.

On the bright side, Intel’s 4960X does seem to have lower TDP, and support for the DDR3-1866 standard. So if you’re considering the performance with 20W TDP lesser, it is not so bad in the technical sense. On the contrary, 20W drop in TDP is a very good reduction, so the processor can take a good advantage of any good enough CPU coolers, especially water cooled loop setup.

Hopefully, the pricing will be equally reasonable once Intel releases this.

Source: Coolaler

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