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IVB-E i7-4960X has insignificant performance boost over SB-E i7-3970X, but comes with 130W TDP

Intel’s upcoming HEDT (High End Desktop) processor Ivybridge E series was supposed to launch during Q3 2013, but then there was news that it has been delayed to Q4 2013 roll out date.

But what’s confirmed is that Ivy Bridge E will be using LGA 2011 socket and its compatible with the existing Intel X79 chip motherboards, but may require an updated BIOS. However, looking at few benchmarks put up by a Chinese site, looks like one with the SandyBridge i7-3970X SandyBridge-E processor may not consider this as a worthy investment as the performance shows only 10% boost.

i7-4960X Edition Edition is said to come with the clock speed of 3.6GHz with Turbo boost of upto 4 GHz. Its a 6-core 12HT 15MB L3 Cache processor, specification similar to what i7-3970X has, but with 130w TDP, 20w lower than the SandyBridge-E counterpart.


The above screenshots are benchmarks done with SandyBridge-E i7 3970X processor. In Cinebench 11.5, the CPU makes a score of 10.15 points, followed by 1.41 points with a single core test.

In SuperPI, the 1M calculation test is completed after 10.905 seconds, 1 minute, 59.762 seconds with the 8M calculation and 9 minutes 55.453 seconds with 32M superPI run.


3DMark Vantage generates a CPU score of 35804 and 3DMark 06 generates a CPU score of 8099, followed by wPrime run with 5.01 seconds to complete the 32M test and 149.167 seconds to complete the 1024M test.

With Ivy-Bridge E i7 4960X Edition on stock:


The HEDT processor generates 10.94 points on CPU and Single score score of 1.2 points on Cinbench 11.5

1006In SuperPI, 1M run is completed on 10.171 seconds, 8M run taken 1 minute, 54.597 seconds and the 32M run taken 9 minutes, 22.599 seconds to complete.


3DMark Vantage generates a CPU score of 38644, whereas 3DMark 06 gets  cpu score of 8586. Wprime’s 32M test was completed on 4.601 seconds, followed by 1024M test, which is completed on 139.169 seconds.

The following is the overall performance difference between the two processors.

  Sandy-Bridge-E i7 3970X Ivy-Bridge E i7 4960X Edition Difference
CineBench 11.5 CPU 10.15 10.94 +0.79
CineBench 11.5 CPU (Single) 1.41 1.2 -0.21s
SuperPI 1M 10.905s 10.171s -0.734s
SuperPI 8M 1m 59.762s 1m 54.597s -5.165s
SuperPI 32M 9m 55.453s 9m 22.599s -32.854s
3DMark Vantage 35804 38644 +2840
3DMark 06 8099 8586 +487
wPrime 32M 5.01s 4.601s -0.409s
wPrime 1024M 149.167s 139.169s -9.998s

There is a difference if you performance with other factors.

On the bright side, Intel’s 4960X does seem to have lower TDP, and support for DDR3-1866 standard. So if you’re considering the performance with 20W TDP lesser, its not so bad in the technical sense. On the contrary, 20W drop in TDP is a very good reduction, so the processor can take a good advantage of any good enough CPU coolers, especially water cooled loop setup.

Hopefully the pricing will be equally reasonable once Intel releases this.

Source: Coolaler

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