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3 kingston A1000 240 NVMe

Kingston A1000 NVMe 240GB SSD Review

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Kingston A1000-The cheap M.2 Upgrade Option!

The Kingston A1000 M.2 NGFF kit is a low-cost upgrade option. That’s fair enough considering its read performance stands out compared to SATA III SSDs, making it more suitable for the masses who wish to upgrade without breaking the bank.

As of now, it is not listed in the Amazon India, apart from a couple of ridiculous listing. In the US, the 240GB A1000 will cost the US $69.99 viz. roughly around INR. 4,800/-. Based on the pricing, it should be somewhere around the WD Green NVMe SSDs [INDIA | US | UK]. Kingston is providing a five-year warranty on this SSD, compared to WD Green NVMe having a three-year warranty. Of course, the warranty period doesn’t necessarily translate to better performance and/or reliability irrespective of the brand, but its good to point the difference. Usually, high-performance write-intensive specific storage gets the five-year treatment.

Would I recommend it?

If you are looking for a cheap option on a system for casual use, or an upgrade- yes! These M.2 drives attract the crowd to shift from conventional SATA III SSDs. Even the B360 chipset motherboards have at least one slot, so it is about time. This applies on various devices from motherboards to notebooks and even mini PCs like the Liva Z Plus mini PC. If you have multiple write-intensive workloads and need to take advantage of the M.2 bandwidth, you should look somewhere else.

India US UK
NA $ 69.99 £ 55.98


  • Low-cost upgrade
  • One-sided PCB
  • Five-year Warranty
  • Drive’s temperature on load fairly reasonable
  • Write-specific performance lower than mid-to-high performance M.2 variants
  • Product label should be in the other side of the PCB for the desktop system’s M.2 heatspreaders to have direct contact.

Kingston A1000 NVMe 240GB SSD Review from hardware

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