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Kingston Datatraveler HyperX 64GB Flash Drive USB 3.0

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 64GB DTHX30/64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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As long as you are stuck with a single operation (read/write), writes won’t be affected. If you do both, there will be some slow performance. I would have liked to see this drive to be much quicker on all counts though. Still, its a pretty good drive to shortlist for those who want to transfer large file or ISO and you are getting a 64gig with a very strong shell and a 5 years warranty for your assurance. If you’re looking to transfer something smaller, I would recommend looking out for USB 3.0 drives with smaller capacity.

India (Official Pricing)U.S.U.K.
 Rs. 6,500/-$ 105.74£ 69.62

Maybe the street pricing will be a bit low but to be honest, considering it’s quicker than SSDs available back during the much earlier SSDNow when they used Toshiba controllers. Just so that you know, for flash drives I do at least 2TB of total host write since it takes a lot of time via USB 3.0 unlike in SATAIII drives that takes  2 days of a constant run to cross 8TB of host write to stress test its quality of the drive overall.


  1. arey but where will i get this here? not even flipkart has listed this product at all.

  2. kingston should really work on USB storage devices with retractable ports. people accidentally loose the caps and this is a drive many wouldn’t like that. Corsair does that. kingston should do it too.

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