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Kingston HyperX 3K 90GB

Kingston HyperX 3K 90GB SSD Review

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After removing 4 screws on the rear shell of the SSD, you need to be bit careful when you’re pulling the plastic cover since there’s a large strip of the thermal pad. The PCB is not screwed on the other half of the shell, but it is stuck on it with a help of another large strip of the thermal pad.  The adhesive is bit strong so if you have any intention to void the 3 years of the warranty period, exercise some caution.


As you can see, there are 6x NANDs on each side, with 2 empty space on each side of the PCB.


Kingston HyperX 3K uses Sandforce SF 2281 controller and Intel 25nm 29F64G08ACME3 NAND. This is a 8GB MLC NAND- so that 96GB ( Calculated as 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes) in total.

kingston final

The formatted capacity of the drive is 83.8GB. After you install Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium+ SP1+ All the updates+ MS Office, Avira Security Suite, U-Torrent, Gimp 2.8+ at least 5-6 software more (not games), you have about 52.8GB left.

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  1. could you please start reviewing 120GB/240GB? and in RAID if possible?

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