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Kingston HyperX Blu 4GB 1600MHz PC3-12800 Kit

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HyperX Blu series kit comes in a carton box with few words from the manufacturers and the memory kit details.

This kit comes with two couple of 256M x 64-bit 2GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 memory sticks with Intel XMP profile. By default they run 9-9-9-27 1T at 1.65V but with JEDEC standard they run at 1333MHz 9-9-9 1T @ 1.5V


The heatspreader is an aluminum-based and low profile ( a boon for a lot of people especially with Box coolers alone taking a lot of space.

This kit works with AMD boards as well. So far I ran this on Gigabyte E350N-USB3, Gigabyte 890GPA UD3H Rev 1.0 and Asus M4A87TD/USB3 board.

Now, this is the first kit that I am reviewing so I don’t really have anything currently to compare the performance with, but seeing what you’re getting locally and what you’re getting from HyperX series you can make the choice accordingly.


As it should, they work at 1600MHz 9-9-9-27 @ 1T. After spending some time with the rams, the following is what I was able to get:
1685MHz 9-9-9-24 @ 1T stable. I was able to get 1690 MHz stable enough to boot with the same settings and run a 1M test, but anything more it just becomes disabled. 1685MHz boot with the CL9 latency @ 1T is pretty decent for a kit aimed to be a ram of good value.

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