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Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Gaming Headset Review

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The sound is fairly mid focused. The bass is adequate though its more superficial sounding as you won’t get thumping bass with the Cloud Drone. There is a mid range boost to pass off as bass which works reasonably well for most songs. Since the bass doesn’t go very low the headset is capable of having great ‘speed’ which means that playing fast complicated music and the headset will be able to handle things well. My $500 Sennheiser HD650 headphones don’t sound very good with fast paced music as its bass speed is slow.

The headset is capable of delivering decent adequate treble but the real focus is the mid range which makes it a decent gaming headset though loud explosions won’t be rendered well.

However, one trump card the headset has is that for a closed back headset the soundstage is above average and the imaging is pretty good. What that means is that you should be able to pinpoint more accurately different instruments in songs or from where you are being shot at in games.

Overall I am pretty happy with the sound capabilities of the headset though there is a room for improvement, especially in the bass. However during my time with the headset I have enjoyed both gaming and music equally which is not as an easy task given that I have much better headphones with me that I haven’t really missed too much. Kingston has a few higher end headsets that hopefully we will be able to review that has better bass.

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