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Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Gaming Headset Review

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The Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone headset is a well-built well-featured headset with good sound quality at a decent price. There is nothing really going against the headset that I need to really point out.

Bassheads though will not be satisfied with the bass that the headset can deliver and that is really the only negative that I can think off.

However for non-bassheads, the headset can produce some nice mid-range, excellent soundstage, good treble and decent bass. Added to that it has some nifty features like mobile phone compatibility plus bundled cable with the ability to split the audio and microphone for PC connectivity. And a built-in volume control that doesn’t cause distortion compared to other volume controls built into the cable.

All in all an easy to recommend headphone.

  • Very balanced sound
  • Good build quality
  • Usable volume control
  • Can be used with both mobile phones and PCs
  • The headphones lack deep bass performance

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