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Kingston HyperX SDDs: Powered with Sandforce SF-2000 SSD Processor

Sandforce sent a heads up about their Sandforce SF-2000 Controller…and a bit of an information about Kingston HyperX SSD drives.

The SF-2000 comes with a 6 Gb/s SATA interface, and upto 500 MB/s. Other than that, Sandforce also armed the SF-2000 controller with DuraClass Technology, high-speed ONFi2 and Toggle flash interfaces supporting single-level cell (SLC) & MLC NAND flash families from all major suppliers.

There are 9 manufacturers who are showcasing SSDs with SF-2000 controller. Other manufacturers demonstrating SF-2000-based solutions at Computex include ADATA, G Skill, OCZ, Patriot Memory, Silicon Power, Super Talent, TeamGroup, and Trend Link. Whether its SLC or an MLC based depends more on the manufacturer.

As far as the Press Release goes, Kingston’s Business Manager Ariel Perez says that they have a best-in-breed solid-state drive that deserves and fully lives up to the HyperX name.

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