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Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 90GB SSD

Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 90GB SSD Review

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  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Internal Impressions
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This is a desktop upgrade kit from Kingston. Do note that the standalone version comes in a different packaging.

Along with the drive, you get a SATA power Molex cable, SATA cable, a USB 2.0 cable and the SSD casing with 2.5″-to-3.5″ rail for desktops and a cloning software. This is pretty much a standard kit that Kingston offers with their drives, except in HyperX series where you get a tray instead of the rails, blue coloured SATA cable and a screwdriver with the relevant bits to secure the desktop upgrade kit. The drive comes with 3 years warranty period as pointed out clearly in the packaging itself. To those who do not know, there’s also a KC version of SSDNow drives with 5 years warranty period.


When the driver came, it came with the older 301 firmware. When I checked out Kingston’s website they had the newer firmware , so the tests are done with the newer firmware design. Kingston provides a very good and quick tool on their website to update their SSD drive’s firmware.


  1. force 3 is crap, but it depends a lot on the firmware. you could start doing Crucial, Samsung and intel ssds.

  2. Crucial and Samsung SSDs are available from a dealer who imports it here to India, other than that, the manufacturers dont have a PR here and/or dont deal with SSDs (samsung doesn’t). Intel is another case. Its a long story.

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