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Lacie 2Big Dock 20TB Thunderbolt 3 Drive Review

  1. About the LACIE 2Big Thunderbolt 3 external HDD units…
  2. Utility Impressions
  3. How its tested??
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About the casing design…

Lacie 2Big Dock’s casing made a very good impression. The all-aluminium casing does carry a premium irrespective of the product type. This is the first LACIE product that I am testing. The idea is the ventilation is from its base and the rear fan pulls the air out. All NAS have similar cooling, with some having vents on the front or the sides. But the ones I’ve seen so far do not provide easy access for the fans to periodically clean them. It is uncertain if that’s the use case scenario. But its there and it is good enough. LACIE provided a Noctua fan which is known to use a long-lasting SS02 bearing.

The improvements needed on the LACIE shouldn’t be hard to enable. Enabling the temperature display in its interface would be a good idea. Giving an option to select the format type before formatting the drives would be ideal.

Via USB 3.1 connection, the transfer speed from its front USB 3.0 and SD card readers is decent as I’ve used the HyperX DTUltimate 32GB USB3.0 and SanDisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s SD HC1 card.

Performance Impressions

Due to the RAID 0 benefits and the USB 3.1 bandwidth, the drive can keep up with internal SATA speeds. The utility works the way it should and the whole setup process is flawless. It would be nice to see motherboard manufacturers include USB 3.1 Type C with Thunderbolt 3 controllers. These were done with older high-end motherboards, but have disappeared somehow.

Two different Ironwolf drives with multiple storage variant options

Seagate owns LACIE so its easy for them to preinstall 2big dock with multiple storage variants. For people in a profession which requires large and fast storage, the investment gives them full coverage- the IronWolf Pro features, the backup utilities with license keys and the drive with a good build quality. Lacie also provided the standard IronWolf version with multiple storage capacities. Lacie also provides different socket cables.

There NAS…and then there’s 2big dock

Not many make storage drives like these. NAS drives are limited to its bandwidth speed via ethernet. However, NAS does offer the ability to connect to your router thus enabling you to access it via the internet. If you need a local storage access externally, you would look something like the 2big dock.

India US UK
$ 1,098.95  £ 899.99

  • RAID options for external drives
  • Aluminum Casing
  • USB 3.0/CF card/SD card slots
  • Variable storage variants with Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro
  • RAID 0 speed
  • Meeting/Exceeding SATA III performance
  • No temperature indicator in its utility
  • Type C compatible Thunderbolt 3 cable provided is very short

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