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Lenovo Y520-15IKBN Y-Series Gaming Notebook Review

  1. About the Lenovo YN520 and rest of the legion
  2. External Overview
  3. External Overview
  4. Internal Overview
  5. Utility Impressions and Keyboard Testing
  6. How it’s tested??
  7. Power and Noise Level Testing
  8. Futuremark Benchmarks
  9. Game Benchmarks
  10. Unigine Benchmark
  11. Storage Benchmarks
  12. System Boot Test
  13. Conclusion
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Same guts different brands!

The Lenovo Y520-15IKBN has similar CPU/GPU/memory and screen size specs as the Dell Inspiron 7000. I haven’t tested it but its always a point of reference as many manufacturers would have the same specification with some changes all around. For now, we’ll look at this.

A desktop user’s perspective…

As a PC desktop user, it is hard for me to justify a GTX 1050 Ti-based system for such a cost. Alas, that is the price for portability. This story is beaten to a pulp for generations and it is not going to stop. Keeping this in mind, Lenovo Y520 does a good job. I would recommend getting the higher variant (which is this) as making memory upgrades is not straightforward unless you don’t mind peeling the cover and removing the metal casing. Of course,  you can always opt to get a larger size M.2 drive as this is a 22110 spec. If you have to say “I wish the secondary drive was a 1TB SSD”, I would like to see so, but the costing may not be as preferable unless SSD manufacturers can make a special SSD for its partners. This way, battery consumption would improve and also load speed will be better. As of now, this is adequate. You need a lot of space if you have a lot of game collection. I am just happy I didn’t have to ration out storage like how I had to for the MSI VR One 7RD. It was hard to believe that such an amazing unit did not have a secondary storage unit.

There is some stuff provided with it. I believe it is a hard top notebook bag and a headset?

Lenovo Y520- An excellent daily driver with some ability to play PC games

It is not an ultimate gaming notebook. Or else it would have the higher end graphics. The design is very minimalistic, it’s an excellent daily driver because of its low-profile design. It is a good quality notebook where you could play a lot of current generation games between low-to-mid settings. Trying to play FPS using the trackpad is the best way to make yourself look silly. But I was curious to see it was possible. Wishful thinking, perhaps!

The trackpad has a room for improvement. both the switches need its independent buttons. They’re also a bit stiff and even after using it for a while, it doesn’t look it would be normal after a ‘break-in’ period.

Build quality and Overall experience!

The midsection of the keyboard does not flex while typing. This is important irrespective of the size of the notebook. In a way, it does reflect a thought given to its built quality, whether it’s intentional or not is irrelevant.

For notebook audio, it’s rather decent. Maybe it’s better than a handful of a small low-cost portable speaker? It could be the due to the speaker placement or my limited experience with notebooks from other brands. But I’ve observed many of them sound flat. It could be because of the Dolby sound enhancements. Nothing beats good quality discrete speakers or headphones.

Once function I would love to see Lenovo enable in its Nerve Sense is the ability to automatically disable the trackpad once a mouse is installed via Bluetooth. Nerve Sense is a bit handy to have, but I would recommend removing every other bloatware to take advantage of the system.

India US UK
₹ 1,04,990/-  $1,135.99  NA
  • Low Profile minimalistic design
  • Read Speed of the M.2 Drive
  • No flex on the keyboard area
  • Lenovo Nerve Sense
  • Good daily driver
  • DDR4 SO-DIMM slots covered within a metal cover
  • 128 GB for a primary drive is too small for the price
  • Removing the underside plate needs some care

Lenovo Y520-15IKBN Y-Series Gaming Notebook Review from hardware

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